Sinces many years I work with people all over the world and their animals.
My clients are people and their pets, animalshelters, animaldoctors and lots more.

Here are just a few examples of feedbacks and references from those people:

Patricia and her dog Carlo:

My dog was acting funny,he was shaking in his legs and had a collaps,I called Uta to ask if she can contact him to see what was wrong.She said to go to the doctor and have an X-Ray of the head.
They found a smal tumor and were able to help the dog right away.The symtons were not those of a tumor,the doctors would have looked at other options and that could have caused my dogs life.
Thank you,for your help.

Annette and her dog Campino in Mallorca:

My dog Campino escaped from our garden at 2pm of a saturday.I knew that Uta was in Mallorca at the time and I called her.We have looked for Campino already for 4 hours with no results.Uta told me she saw the ocean and for me to look there.The ocean is a good ride away from our house,but I went there anyway,could not see him.I called Uta again to ask,what else she sees and she discribed excactly the place we always go walking with the dogs at the ocean.So I drove there and there was Campino,waiting for me to pick him up.

Wonderful animalcomunication,thank you.

Me and Funny

Roswitha and Funny,Mallorca

When I first met Roswitha and her wonderful animals I was tested by her,if I was for real and if animalcomunication really works.
So she asked me questions about all her animals,horses,dogs and cats and Funny.
I had no information about none of them and so I comunicated with them.
Funny let me know,that she is the boss on the farm and that she is on the farm since " forever",that she loves flowers and that they took her favorite spot of flowers.She also missed the other donkeys.
After telling Roswitha, she gave me her feedback:
She bought the FINCA from a lady who had lots of horses and donkeys but could not feed them anymore.Funny was the only one left on the Finca so she stayed with Roswitha as the boss over all the now following animals.She loves the flowers,is able to go everywhere on the grounds to eat them,but her favorite place was looked up, because they build a pool there. By the way she is 38 years old and lives on the Finca since forever.

Mona and me

Gabi and her dog Mona:

Mona was bought as a hunting dog and had to do the hunting tests.Gabi called me, because she had problems with Mona, to do the test.
Mona let me know, that it is not her job to hunt, but to be there for her owners.
Her job was to keep Gaby company, thats why she did not want to do the test. After a lot of comunications with Mona and Gabi they now live happy together, without the hunting scills, just happy in company.