Workshop in the USA


How to communicate with Animals:

The Basic Course

By Instructor: Uta Devone, Germany. Graduate student from Penelope Smith, USA

  • Find out, how animals communicate.
  • How they understand humans beings.
  • What kind of possibilities people have to understand them.

The Basic Course:

You will learn the basic of telepathic communication with all animals.

 The course will teach you in what areas communication with the animals is possible and how you already communicate with them.

You will learn, how animals communicate, how we understand them and what stops us from understanding their emotional, physical and spiritual experiences.

At the end of the course I will answer personal questions about your pets.

Uta Devone works since 10 years as animal communicator and instructor in Germany. She studied animal communication for 3 years personally with Penelope Smith, who is a very well known animal communicator worldwide and author of several books regarding animal communication.

Uta is instructing people all over Europe in animal communication and is on her USA Tour in Summer 2016

Besides her courses Uta will be available for personal consultations.

Through her work, she meets a lot of people and their animals and is able to help in many ways.

 It is her passion to make life easier for humans and their animals.

Location for Basic Course: 

Area of Colorado Springs

If you want to host a Basic Course please feel free to contact me, my next visit to Colorado Springs is from th 15th of July til the 31st of July 2016